About Me

meI am a fully qualified teacher with experience teaching in both large comprehensive schools and smaller grammar schools. I studied physics and chemistry at Hull University, graduating in 1984, and have worked in a range of technical and scientific roles, including as a medical physicist in radiotherapy, a pilot in Africa and an IT support officer. My varied experience outside of the teaching profession helps to inform my tutoring and helps ground what I teach in the real world.

My specialist subjects are chemistry and physics which I can teach to A level, but I has also teach biology and mathematics to GCSE level, and can offer support in Core 1, Core 2, Statistics 1 and Mechanics from the A level maths syllabus.

I work to tailor my tutoring to each individual, assessing levels of understanding, and looking for areas of strength and weakness. I then work to strengthen understanding in all areas. My main goal is a to enhance logical thinking so that my students are able to approach difficult questions with greater confidence and apply the knowledge they have to both familiar and unfamiliar situations. I appreciate that all students learn at their own rates and I adapt my teaching style to match.